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Please note that this is just the general guideline, and the process will vary from client to client. We strive to make this as easy as possible for our clients. Please contact us with your enquiries.

SA Trading is able to provide all types of workers to our clients. We have built a comprehensive database from which our clients can choose according to their need. We can also short-list potential candidates with the help of our experts and have them sent to employers.

Please contact us with your need. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with unique cases, and will try our best to meet your demands.

Recruitment Methodology

Documents Required from Employer:
  • Necessary visas from Government of the designated Country
  • A sample copy of the Employment Contract between the Employer and the Employee in English
  • A copy of Recruitment Contract between employer and SA Trading in English
  • Registration to Chamber of Commerce in the Employer territory
  • Letter of Demand specifying the workers trade, the number required and the monthly salary
Our legal team can prepare the documents for you.

Selection of Recruits: We look for the best candidate in terms of capability and knowledge of the required field. We select employees through extensive exploration and tests of their knowledge, information and character.

Certifications and testimonials are never ignored while selecting the professionals. We ensure their certifications are valid and worthy to represent our selection procedure, as well as the organization they are set to join. In case of non-availability of the testimonials, we arrange to get one from authentic institutions and government bodies.

Once we know what type of candidates you are looking for. We will send you a list of people to select from. You can also outsource this process and have us pick the right candidates for you. Short-listed candidates are called for tests and interviews by a special recruitment team. If the employer wants their own representative in this process, we can easily make the arrangements on our end.

Physical Examination: Bangladesh Government mandates labor and professionals, leaving the country to undergo physical/medical examination.

The Medical examination includes:
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Urine Tests
  • Blood Tests
  • Narcotic Addiction Tests (Urine)
  • Eye-Sight Tests
  • A complete physical examination including nerve and mental soundness
All the tests mentioned above are mandatory and cannot be ignored for the benefit of the employee and the organization they are set to serve.

Documents Required from Recruits:

All documents including time period required are as follows:
  • A Valid Passport
  • Medical Examination
  • Vaccination Certificates
  • International Driving License or the requisite vehicle license, issued by the Government, for prospective drivers and operators
  • Photographs
  • Candidate's Personal Data, Family status, and Bank Account Statement
Authorization: Bangladesh Government's approval is necessary in order to emigrate from the country. SA Trading provides assistance to the recruits during this process. Over the years, we have developed a very strong relation with the Government of Bangladesh.